The Menumaster Range

Microwave ovens

Menumaster is the market leader in many countries, including North Amerika, Belgium and France. We offer a wide choice of microwave ovens that satisfy the needs of every professional kitchen and restaurant kitchen. Our line contains ovens with different power levels, dimensions and controls. We offer among others ovens with an output between 1000 and 2400 Watts, with manual and electronic controls and oven contents between 17 and 94 liters.

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Menumaster has patented the Radarange system with the rotating antenna, which eliminates the need for a turntable and brings every corner of the oven within reach. Some models have even two or three magnetrons with vastly improves the preparation of thick pieces of food like lasagna. A commercial Microwave oven with 1800 Watts warms up food more than twice as fast as a 800 Watt household microwave oven.

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Xpress cooking-ovens

Menumaster also offers Xpress cooking ovens that combine convection, microwaves and infra red heating, in order to prepare food in the shortest possible time within jeopardizing quality. This means that the MXP5223 model can prepare a fresh pizza with a crunchy crust in less than 2 minutes. That helps you save 75% of the time of a traditional oven.